"The whole point of rugby is that it is, first and foremost, a state of mind, a spirit" – Jean-Pierre Rives

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SU Agen squad

New signings for 2010/11 highlighted in yellow
New signings during 2010/11 highlighted in blue

Name Position DoB Height Weight Nationality
Brice Mach Hooker 04/02/86 1.78m 104kg French
Jalil Narjissi Hooker 18/01/80 1.80m 97kg Moroccan
Laurent Cabarry Prop 18/01/85 1.82m 107kg French
Jean-Charles Pétin Prop - - - French
Karim Kouider Prop 15/09/85 1.85m 123kg French
Mosese Moala Prop 14/06/80 1.92m 135kg Tongan
Gert Muller Prop 05/02/86 1.86m 110kg South African
Bernard Nnomo Prop 06/08/80 1.81m 106kg Cameroon
Cezar Popescu Prop 29/12/76 1.88m 118kg Romanian
Beka Sheklashvili Prop 06/07/86 1.88m 120kg Georgian
David Te Moana Prop 16/02/82 1.91m 124kg Australian
Semisi Telefoni Prop 22/12/82 1.83m 113kg Tongan
Antony Vigna Prop 07/07/76 1.87m 127kg French
Hedley Wessels Prop 27/10/85 1.86m 116kg South African
Tunui Anania Lock - - - French
Adri Badenhorst Lock 18/07/78 1.97m 107kg South African
Lisiate Fa'aoso Lock 18/03/83 1.96m 113kg Tongan
Damian Lagrange Lock 14/07/87 1.98m 104kg French
Thibault Lasalle Lock 22/08/87 1.99m 98kg French
Jérôme Mondoulet Lock 02/07/88 2.00m 108kg French
Andrew Springgay Lock 14/08/81 1.97m 108kg English
Alejandro Campos Back row 21/04/83 1.90m 107kg Argentine
Hendro Scholtz Back row 22/03/79 1.87m 103kg South African
Alexandre Bias Back row 21/04/81 1.94m 98kg French
Benoît Cazautets Back row 17/03/86 1.89m 93kg French
Cyril Chavet Back row 09/12/82 1.96m 110kg French
Ueleni Fono Back row 16/05/82 1.95m 105kg Tongan
Opeti Fonua Back row 26/05/86 1.96m 112kg Tongan
Erwann Gely Back row - - - French
Mathieu Khalfi Back row - - - French
Jean Monribot Back row 11/10/87 1.83m 91kg French
Alexis Bales Scrum-half 30/05/80 1.74m 75kg French
Sylvain Dupuy Scrum-half 22/06/82 1.75m 70kg French
Maxime Machenaud Scrum-half 30/12/88 1.74m 81kg French
Conrad Barnard Fly-half 27/07/79 1.81m 90kg South African
Valentin Courrent Fly-half 16/08/82 1.75m 85kg French
Jamie Robinson Centre 07/04/80 1.88m 98kg Welsh
Manu Ahotaeiloa Centre 01/12/86 1.85m 95kg Tongan
Miguel Avramovic Centre 18/06/81 1.84m 100kg Argentine
Renaud Dulin Centre 13/11/79 1.80m 90kg French
Yoann Chateaureynaudy Centre - - - French
Scott Daruda Centre 17/02/86 1.84m 95kg Australian
Junior Pelesasa Centre 17/10/80 1.80m 94kg Australian
Benjamin Petre Centre 04/01/90 1.86m 106kg French
Lilian Balangue Wing 22/02/88 1.74m 75kg French
Brice Dulin Wing 13/04/90 1.78m 81kg French
Romain Edmond-Samuel Wing 22/05/80 1.80m 80kg French
Osea Kolinisau Wing - 1.85m 85kg Fijian
John O'Sullivan Wing 12/07/80 1.90m 103kg Irish
Kevin Swiryn Wing - - - American
Saimoni Vaka Wing 02/06/87 1.80m 82kg Fijian
Florent Cazeaux Full-back 08/07/82 1.77m 73kg French
Jonathan Fund Full-back - - - French
Adrien Pampouille Full-back 04/08/87 1.78m 81kg French
Mathieu Lamoulie Full-back - - - French


                                                                                            Last updated: August 2010

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