"The whole point of rugby is that it is, first and foremost, a state of mind, a spirit" – Jean-Pierre Rives

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Castres Players

New signings for 2010/11 highlighted in yellow
New signings during 2010/11 highlighted in


Name Position DoB Height Weight Nationality
Thomas Bouquié Full Back 19/01/84 1.86m 90kg French
Florian Denos Full-back 20/05/85 1.83m 85kg French
Romain Teulet Full Back 05/02/78 1.65m 75kg French
Batiste Bouquet Full Back - - - French
Florian Denos Full Back 20/05/85 1.83m 85kg French
Romain Martial Wing 13/11/84 1.95m 102kg French
Sinoti To'omaga Sinoti Wing 09/09/85 1.75m 92kg New Zealand
Phillip Christophers Wing 16/06/80 1.82m 87kg English
Mathieu Nicolas Wing 11/02/87 1.81m 86kg French
Marc Andreu Wing 27/12/85 1.70m 75kg French
Roman Miralles Wing - 1.85m 76kg Argentine
Salesi Sika Centre 06/07/80 1.90m 113kg American
Thomas Sanchou Centre 23/10/81 1.70m 75kg French
Paul Perez Centre 03/08/87 1.82m 89kg French
Julien Montoro Centre 17/08/85 1.80m 89kg French
Pierre-Emmanuel Garcia Centre 05/05/83 1.82m 84kg French
Romain Cabannes Centre 02/12/84 1.82m 92kg French
Yoan Audrin Centre 14/08/81 1.79m 82kg French
Vincent Inigo Centre 10/02/83 1.75m 75kg French
Sérémaia Bai Centre 04/01/79 1.87m 98kg Fijian
Josh Tatupu Centre 06/11/86 1.84m 102kg Samoan
Cameron McIntyre Fly-half 03/06/81 1.81m 91kg Australian
Pierre Bernard Fly-half 32/01/89 1.87m 87kg French
Sebastien Tillous-Borde Scrum-half 29/04/85 1.76m 92kg French
Alexandre Albouy Scrum-half 26/05/79 1.70m 70kg French
Jannie Bornman Back-row 28/07/80 1.94m 105kg South African
Andrea Siccardi Back-row 02/07/90 1.81m 97kg French
Darron Nell Back-row 03/08/80 1.93m 109kg South African
Chris Masoe Back-row 15/05/79 1.83m 106kg New Zealand
Steve Malonga Back-row 01/04/85 1.92m 96kg French
Ibrahim Diarra Back-row 25/05/83 1.85m 98kg French
Yannick Caballero Back-row 03/04/83 1.92m 95kg French
Gambo Adamou Back row 05/02/86 1.92m 108kg Cameroonian
Iosefa Tekori Lock 17/12/93 1.92m 123kg Samoan
Matthias Rolland Lock 02/07/79 1.98m 115kg French
Kiril Kulemin Lock 13/10/80 1.98m 125kg Russian
Mickaël Lacroix Lock 04/04/87 1.98m 107kg French
Rodrigo Capo-Ortega Lock 08/12/80 1.95m 110kg Uruguayan
Lucas Cazac Lock 05/07/91 1.93m 100kg French
Scott Murray Lock 15/01/76 1.98m 105kg Scottish
Gwendal Lamache Prop 22/01/90 1.83m 105kg French
Anton Peikrishvili Prop 18/09/87 1.82m 118kg Georgian
Daniel Strydom Saayman Prop 28/11/74 1.88m 125kg South African
Anthony Pradalie Prop 18/02/86 1.91m 116kg French
Kees Lensing Prop 01/06/78 1.91m 125kg Namibian
Carl Hoeft Prop 13/11/74 1.83m 114kg New Zealand
Yannick Forestier Prop 02/01/82 1.81m 110kg French
Luc Ducalcon Prop 02/01/84 1.83m 120kg French
Michael Coetzee Prop 06/12/79 1.79m 114kg South African
Vincent Colliat Hooker 02/02/89 1.80m 104kg French
Benjamin Kayser Hooker 26/07/84 1.82m 102kg French
Akvsenti Giorgadze Hooker 04/06/76 1.79m 104kg Georgian
Eric Bortolozzo Hooker 05/03/85 1.73m 95kg French
Mathieu Bonello Hooker 23/09/82 1.81m 98kg French



 Last Updated November 2010


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